Tuesday, May 28

The EU - Is True Reform Even Possible

I'm not sure if the exact number of eu-technocrats-cum-civil-servants is published, but the fact is there are too many of them, judging by the amount of unnecessary activities going on in Brussels. These people have far too much say in our lives and we can't identify them to have them removed or censored. These servants of the people are engaged in every aspect of what the EU does, and you can believe that this means a great many things.

Well, yes, in any administration there has to be back room boys and girls who actually create the reports and do the bidding of their masters. They are a requirement to the smooth running of government, of that there can be no doubt. The main question that stands out is around accountability to the taxpayer. Being accountable to the EU commission is not the same. The EU commission is not accountable to us taxpayers, nor can they be charged for any crimes or held to be responsible for any screw up or even gross corruption. So, assuming the commission can properly regulate the civil service as we would want is a total misconception.

Somewhere in the basement of one of the less attractive EU buildings, I'm sure, a group of civil servants have been especially recruited on the following basis:
  • utter devotion to the aims of the EU;
  • they despise democracy;
  • they dress on the left (IE they are socialist by nature);
  • they dislike free-market thinking.
If they also despise everything the UK stands for then that's clearly grounds for instant promotion.
I say all this because the evidence points that way. How many times, when it comes to important EU decisions, has the UK been sidelined; done over; lied to; ignored; misdirected; left out in the cold; insulted; led up the garden path; and generally made to feel like miscreants for suggesting there might be alternative options.
The phrase; “being a bad European”, was it seems especially penned to bring reluctant British PM's into line.
One EU agenda item is to do away with nation states.
The EU elite do not like opposition in any form, but especially when that opposition is semi-effective, for they have this agenda. It only allows for us to become a federal state, and there are no alternatives allowed. That's it. They cannot perceive of any other way, and like true antediluvian denizens of the left they become abusive when they meet dissent.
Much has been made of the desire to reform the EU by Britain, but given the history, it is a questionable undertaking. Not only because there will be reluctance and subterfuge on the part of the EU elite, that goes without saying, but given the amount of real reform necessary, any efforts to tweak the system will produce very little.
Promises have been made, by the EU, in the past that were clearly deceit in retrospect. Oh, that's not say say there were outright lies, but things like “red lines” have proven, as an example, to be totally useless in avoiding certain regulations, despite guarantees at the time.
While I accept that David Cameron has an appetite to reform the EU, the scope of his remedies are apt to be limited, not only by his willingness to ask for everything that is required, but also by what reforms are possible.
The EU elite and governments of the EU have gotten comfortable with the arrangement of how things are done within the empire, and that in itself will mean real reforms will not happen. Let's face it, Cameron asking for some powers back might be achievable, but this doesn't begin to attack the moral and democratic deficit of the EU. The whole structure of the EU is positioned to become that federal state, sooner rather than later, so any short term gains for Britain, will surely be lost in the future. This loss is an almost certainty as the UK labour party expect to walk into government after the next general election, and being europhiles by nature, would give back any gains that had been made in the fight for our freedom. These are the enemy within our own country.
Actually, we should applaud Cameron for his efforts, although far too little and far too late. These things should have been sorted out 30 years ago.
The real problem with the EU, aside from the way it was designed, is that it's like a train on automatic, rushing through stations at horrific speeds, not intent on serving its customers, merely determined to get to its destination before anybody really notices what they have signed up to, or even notices the small print on the ticket.
If anyone of integrity would do a real thorough analysis of the EU, with honesty, then he would proclaim it to be a monster and urge for it to be destroyed. For example:
  • observing how the commission rewards those organisations for promoting the EU over national interests;
  • the lack of balances and checks within the European parliament, that promotes bad legislation. 

Never mind that it wants to control every facet of our lives without any real capacity to understand the impact of the changes introduced.
Another item on the EU agenda is to make all countries equal, not just in their high streets and their bedrooms, but worse yet in terms of GDP per capita, and it is the richer countries being drained to pay for this. The concept is the usual socialist one of spreading wealth about. This is done by taking some of the money given by all countries to the EU and then sharing it out by some unknown formula to provide resources for new infrastructure in “deserving” countries.
Some people consider this immoral, given that new roads and bridges are being built in another country while in this country our roads are full of potholes. Why on earth should our taxes be subsiding others?
The comfort factor keeps the EU running along that train line because those deeply involved imagine it to be working fine, which just demonstrates the calibre of those that have reached positions of power. They are all too willing to go along with the schedule, for the EU has become a great big club to them, and they have no desire to get off the train nor slow it down. They simply pray it doesn't come off the rails while they are still aboard, yet all the time enhancing the speed of the locomotive.
With people and agenda so wedded to the status quo what hope is there for real reform?
A reformed EU would have to have eliminated corruption and crony-ism. Every person in a position of power would answer to the electorate. Every new law passed would be done so only after careful scrutiny and trial. The purpose of the parliament would no longer to be to create as many regulations as it could, instead open minded select committees would be established to thoroughly investigate issues that needed change, and a second chamber would have the authority to reject badly aligned policies and legalities.
The commission would not exist.
The parliament would be led by a collection of elected representatives from each nation state, and would form the executive. 
…but this is just a pipe dream. They aren't going to dismantle the EU because it is a misbegotten intellectual dwarf that is not even toilet trained, and neither will it be rebuilt in the above fashion, because the EU elite won't allow it. This has nothing to do with rationality and everything to do with an enforced federal political agenda.
Whatever his efforts, Cameron cannot help but get left with a total fudge, something he'd rather not discuss in polite circles, but also something that nobody could be proud of.
Never mind, the EU will have shown willing by dropping some crumbs, and the UK electorate will probably swallow the whole package, thinking we have won, while forever wondering when things will actually get better.

Sunday, April 14

Even the best detergents leave a little scum behind

In memory of a Great Lady

Baroness Thatcher has been accused by the left of dividing the country – but that is not quite true. The country was already divided into two major camps. On the one side you had those that aspired and worked towards a better life for them and theirs. On the other side were the union barons, pussy-foot-liberals, socialists, communist agitators, the bone idle, and those that simply wanted to destroy anything that worked.

That situation hasn't changed, except that liberal socialism is more widespread than ever, like a disease with no effective inoculation it just keeps on eating into what goodness is left in our country.

Thatcher recognized the harm that the unions were doing, more than most, for not only had they crippled the country with their demands for handouts for industries that were never going to be efficient nor even pay their way, they had taken over the government. The Wilson government became increasingly paralysed by the unions, and Callaghan totally capitulated to their demands.

If the unions had been able to create a better world, then I for one may have had some sympathy with them, but all they were intent on was destroying the country and turning it into a communist republic. It wasn't known at the time, but the major union barons took their lead and money directly from the Kremlin.

The left is a general term, but it incorporates all that is wrong with the world today. Where are these communist or socialist utopian examples that these people seek to follow? – they don't exist except in their perverted thinking. Even that great communist giant China has incorporated Capitalism into its daily life. No truly socialist state ever prospers, except where they soften their line to allow in capitalist ideas, while their people usually still live thankless lives. Of course socialists and communists regimes are very good at acquiring money from others to sustain them, but that just makes them crooked as well,

You only have to look at some of the politicians on the labour benches that represent the left to understand that they have the disease badly. Take Ed balls or Glenda Jackson, though not alone by any means, but they demonstrate clearly how far such people will go in attacking anything good. Their bile and their lies are there for all to see, but it is the hate that drives them, that gives them away. Given the labour reputation for lies and misrepresentation of facts, one wonders how anybody but the union chiefs could support them, but unfortunately there are far too many out there in voter-land that also are afflicted with this same disease.

The left are at war with the rest of us. While sitting comfortably in the cosy life our society makes possible, they plot and scheme, but of course, those reasonable amongst us do not always recognize the danger. We simply imagine it is a different kind of politics. It isn't, and it is time to start calling the pot black, for never in our history have we faced such a demonic enemy.

If the Thatcher legacy means anything then we need to start rolling back the influence of the left, and that means getting serious about our future:
  • getting political correctness off the agenda;
  • removing socialist indoctrination from our education systems and media;
  • refusing to put up with the lies and malevolence of the left;
  • question policy implementation thoroughly and hold MP'S to account;
  • declare UDI from the European Union;
  • start believing in, and being, a decent invigorated society.
For this to happen though, we have to fully exploit the morals and ethics that drove us in the past to greatness. We have to stop believing that we cannot individually make a difference. Getting behind one great leader is good, but raising our own game to support them towards a common goal is what will make the difference.

Believing that we are all derived from mud as the socialists would have us believe removes hope from our lives. We are, however, much more than that, and we can rise above the hopelessness that the socialists want to mire us in. Of course great leaders will help all this, for while we have some, they have yet to prove themselves for fear of failure, while the rest of the political elite take us down a path of collectivism that will ruin us all.

Maggie was the way, and we just have to follow in her big footsteps.

Monday, January 2

"Why is the EU so wrong" (2)

2. Democracy and the EU political structure

Democratic accountability is the rock on which Western nations have flourished, but the concern is that the EU is bypassing voter consent and ruling the people rather than serving them.

The EU commission, for example, is the body that proposes legislation. They act like ministers from a normal government, except there is no real censure from any quarter. They each have their own "department", for example; "TRADE", and they make up the rules and act as ambassador for the EU for their department.

One EU commissioner is "horse traded" from each nation - so there is no consideration given for skills or quality - nor do these people face the electorate. They are nominated by the party in power, and as most EU nations swing to the left, most commissioners have socialist traits.

So - no accountability and yet they drive the EU forward on some agenda not quite fully open to discussion - Oh, and they can't be prosecuted for corruption while in office, even when they leave.

What we hear very little about are the eurocrats behind the commission, for it is they, allegedly public servants that wield a good deal of power, but are also accountable to nobody but the agenda they follow.

Since the European parliament (EP) was formed, it has sucked more power to itself, and strives to take on powers held within the commission, who are still the guiding force, despite the "horse traded" new President and Foreign affairs 'crat.
The EP is not formulated like real parliaments either. It has one chamber, no real opposition and it lacks any real debate or counter considerations that a second chamber would allow for. In other words, it is a legislation factory, pushing out ill considered laws to make the EU nation states all the same while meddling in all our daily lives. Their ability to plan Nanny has gone far beyond what the last labour government achieved, and that was painful enough, but the EP believes it has the right to make our decisions for us.

Elections to the EP change little, for it is so full of socialists and communists that the pace of legislation and content remain much the same. The only light that shines is the opposition that is getting increasingly elected in the form of such parties as UKIP. These are shunned by the institution, or ignored wherever possible, but they are at least a voice, a voice that pricks at the collective conscience. The quality of the EP is apparent when they are allowed to verbally abuse the parties that question the EU mantra, with no recourse for apology or censure. Yet, should UKIP step over some hidden boundary, they face the full power of EP censure, at once.

Within the EP, political groupings occur, and to get funds and influence you have to belong to one of these. Having said that, it is almost impossible for one nation to influence decisions when the numbers are stacked against it. Something Britain has found to its cost constantly. That old mantra about being in the EU to change it rings hollow when you consider just how effective the UK has been at using its influence on EU legislation - we might just as well not be there.
That's how it is for all countries, they all lose the ability to set their own agenda, instead they are over ruled by EU zealots, but because they took part in the vote, they have to accept the resulting inappropriate legislation, no matter how bad it is.

How can any of this be about democracy.... well, yes - we vote in our parliament that then sends someone to be a commissioner. Every few years we elect MEP's..... so isn't that all good
NO. It's a false conception. We have no influence - the system was designed to exclude us mere voters, so that those that rule can get on with their agenda without bothering to have to consult us or ask our opinion.

In our own country we can chuck out bad governments, like the last labour one. Yet, when it comes to the EU nothing changes. Some MEP's might change, but the agenda for ever closer union goes on and on, and there is nothing we can do in the name of democracy to change that.

Sunday, January 1

What is wrong with the EU- 1

1. Poland is Flourishing

While most other countries are struggling, Poland is rising - great structures are being built, people have more money in their pockets than ever before, and the feel good factor is palpable...
A football stadium is being built to rival any in the world, and this in itself is a subject of wonder for a lot of Poles.

Poles are mainly pro-EU due to the good things happening in their country.... This is all happening because the Poles are in the EU

The EU is financing great infrastructure programs in Poland - in fact EU money in pouring into Poland - not just directly from Brussels in the form of regional support programs, but also to families of Poles who have been working in Britain who are eligible to receive UK benefits.

Strangely, it wasn't so many years ago that Greece was receiving similar huge subsidies from the EU, and look where they are now. A shiny immaculate subway, while rioters fill the streets.... For it is so easy to expect that the cash will always flow from the EU
So, will Poland face the same future as Greece once the EU money stops flowing - that is all too possible.

Poland and Greece are not unique in the way that they are bribed to love the EU - all new countries get huge subsidies just for joining ... just look at how Spain flourished when it was the main recipient of EU cash... but are now unable to support the lifestyle they were led to expect

This is another example of a bad EU policy badly implemented.

One has to ask why our cash should be used to improve the infrastructure of other countries when we so badly need that cash - but the EU commissioners refuse to reign back any programs, nor address the waste that is inherent and the resulting corruption.
The EU elite believe in the doctrine of Wealth Redistribution - as so many socialists do... they believe that by sucking money out of richer economies to give to poorer ones, somehow the world will be a better place.

This is not only dishonestly represented as progress, but its a fallacy beyond reason - as our benefits system proves all too well; When you allow people to live off the backs of others endeavours, they become slothful and dishonest.

Saturday, June 25

The eu elite are criminally negligent

As the Euro crisis runs on and on, with the EU elite telling us, again, that they have fixed the problem, it becomes ever more clear that Greece is never going to be able to pay its way out of the huge debt it suffers.

The resulting financial burden on all European states is unreasonable and should never have happened. There are different exits for the “problem”, but none without cost to the people of Europe who have already bailed out a financially and immoral bankrupt banking system.

Yet this is a political problem over and above the financial implications. If the EU had been willing to allow Greece to switch back to the Drachma, that is one exit that might have been cheaper for the poor long suffering taxpayers of Europe, but this is not about money. It really doesn't matter how much debt is increased to keep Greece within the Euro zone, for this is a political situation. The EU elite believe they are fighting for the survival of the EU, and they will spend every last Euro they can get their hands on to keep the EU alive, as aberrated as this position may seem to the rest of us.

This is a problem without historical comparison. Sure, other countries have defaulted on their debt, but when the Euro finally gets totally discredited, with confidence at rock bottom, Europe will be plunged into an economic ice age, and the world will shudder.

The creation of the Euro and now, the manic efforts to keep the PIGS afloat is purely a part of the Star trek dream, dreamed by the federalists who see bigger as best, and a Russian style politburo better than disparate democratic governments.

However, ask the EU elite why things have to be like this, question any of their actions and you will be faced with the usual brush off. They refuse to accept that they could do anything wrong, but will mutter constantly about lessons learned, never anything about putting right the mistakes made. No, they will plough on with their collectivism, always one step after another, but refusing to look back, or change old bad decisions, nor amend things that are truly wrong. For, like race horse only allowed to look in one direction, they are truly blinkered by their dream which has become a nightmare for many.

Once again, we will see the EU shirking responsibility for the financial and political mess they have created, for nobody is willing to put their hands up and admit that their policies were inept, rushed and badly implemented, but it's time they were made to.

Greece of course should never have been allowed to join the Euro. They lied unconvincingly to be allowed to join, but what of the the checks made by the EU bureaucrats, what of the political decision to get Greece to convert to the Euro, despite no near economic divergence of national economies, which really applied across the zone.

Let's face it, these decisions made were very bad ones. Not only has Greece become an economic basket case, even worse than it was before since the EU stripped it of industries in place elsewhere in EU countries, but the rest of Europe will be paying the cost for years to come.

The EU have been Criminally Negligent in dealing with the economic problems they created.

The Greek disaster is yet another example of bad EU policies carried through with a total disregard for sanity and common sense. We really have to force a stop. Just put a brake on all EU business being transacted in our name by the commission, and the legislation factory known as the European Parliament. Stop it all and sit back to look at what has been created. If that can be honestly done then some good will come of it, but I doubt the elite will spare 10 seconds considering this. They are too busy building their dream to to do things that will work and allow us all to prosper in a free Europe, for lo is that a spaceship overhead?

The bottom line is that the EU elite should be prosecuted for their criminal incompetence, for they have shown us constantly that they are not fit for purpose, and now with Greece they have have proved it once again.

Thursday, April 28

The European Union was built on Subterfuge, Lies and More Lies

Every so often, only a very few times in a lifetime, something comes along that not only rocks your boat, it rattles the very foundation of your whole view on life.

This is about one such piece of new knowledge.

The European Union is considered by many to be a misbegotten entity that should have died at birth. Instead it was nurtured, and allowed to grow into the monstrosity we see today. It was never going to be a freedom loving institution, given that all decisions were made in secret, the electorate lied to at every occasion and of course totally ignored when they were allowed to express any views. Worse still, it was based on the old world ideals of failed socialism, inherently corrupt, it brought together the lowest common denominator of Man's potential and proceeded to not liberate it but squash it flat.

That's where we are now, but along the way, it is now clear that the three Major UK political parties, along with the BBC and other media, collaborated in a pact of silence to stop everyone learning what was happening in the EU until we had literally signed away our nationhood.

A political elite has for some time manipulated the electoral system to deprive the people of true democratic representation by constructing a party political system that has allowed, indeed encouraged, acts of treason to have been committed.

This collaboration to withhold information and to very effectively lie about the consequences of EU membership, was it appears, agreed during the time of the Heath government in 1971.


Much of this is not news, but the evidence does go some way to explaining how the pact of silence came into being. A pact so powerful that the agreement amongst party leaders to perpetuate it has lasted for 40 years. However, the “WHY” was missing – the reason behind the decision to get into the EU, at that particular time.

It's common knowledge that the EU was allegedly formed to stop wars, and there is a degree of understanding, looking at Heath's background, that this could have been a driving force for him. However the formation of the EU was not done for trade or to prevent wars, there was yet another element at work here, manipulating and coercing.

A recent disclosure of previously CLASSIFIED American government documents provides more than a hint at the missing element:

  • A memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament, signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA.

  • Washington's main tool for shaping the European agenda was the American Committee for a United Europe, created in 1948.

  • The documents show that this committee financed the European Movement. In 1958, for example, it provided 53.5 per cent of the movement's funds.

  • The committee urged “suppressing debate until the point at which adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable".

US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe. It funded and directed the European federalist movement.The documents confirm suspicions voiced at the time that America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state.


The motivation behind the American intent to interfere in European politics can only be guessed at, but over time, the USA has been responsible for setting up puppet administrations, funding terrorist groups around the world, and generally playing World Policeman when they had neither the competence nor the best interests of anybody but themselves at heart.

One only has to look at the state of the world now to see what an awful mess has been made of “peace” efforts in the past to also see that the EU is yet another failed American attempt at moulding the world to their perceived image.

So, for their own reasons the USA was instructing on the formation of a new Europe, and it was also clear that they wanted Britain to be a part of it, but Britain was dragging its heels, perhaps recalling Churchill's words on being a composite part of Europe.

“We are with Europe, but not of it”

“We are linked- but not combined”

“We are interested and associated but not absorbed”.

Or read the Zurich speech. Yes, he calls for a United Europe. He also says that Britain and her Commonwealth would be separate from it.

A united Europe was not just an American idea of course, but the great man made it clear that the UK would not join it.
Just what happened to change that intention?

It would be possible to make up all kinds of theories, but perhaps its better to start with two known facts and extrapolate from there:

1. America wanted Britain to join the EU(EEC as it was then called)

2. Strikes and an incompetent Labour administration had combined to bankrupt the country.

It's not hard to imagine America putting pressure on the Heath government to join the EU or face total economic ruin. America was strong enough to do that then, having become very rich as a result of World War two. Without financial support for the Pound, Heath would have had few options open to him, and would have been forced, coerced even, to obey the diktat.

The rest is history, but the complete saga of the EU is still not completely known, for so much was done behind closed doors, but more importantly, nobody in the know has ever had the guts to come out and speak the truth about it, and that is a shameful thing.

The whole story of the EU is that of lies built on other lies, built on subterfuge, and now demonstrating what a disaster it has become.

Heartfelt thanks to the interfering Americans, who should really go back to being cowboys – there's still a few red Indians left to slaughter - but seriously, they would do less damage that way.

Monday, March 28

A Tiny Fraction Rules - OK?

The societies of man have surely hit rock bottom when a small number of mindless individuals, bent on destruction, can have any influence on the affairs of State.

As London counts the cost of the effects of the “anarchists” attacks this weekend gone, serious questions should now be in the process of being asked. These mindless thugs that smashed up property and caused mayhem, don't have the brains to organize such a stunt on their own. Their allegiance, support and that they actually joined forces with the Unions and the labour party, calls into question the integrity of all parties.

It really is not acceptable that the new labour zealot can simply say that there was an extreme element and walk away from any blame. In his own right, he is no statesman, rather in the true tradition of the labour party he offers only rabble rousing as an excuse to be. He has no policies. He along with the shadow chancellor takes no actual responsibility for the decisions made by the labour government they sat in, that almost brought the country to its knees. Instead of solutions, they oppose, belittle, and lie their way around the subject of how the country should handle the huge debts labour acquired on our behalf.

Red Ed Miliband was the unions choice for leader. They wanted him because he was young, malleable and a true communist. Thanks to the way that the unions still hold so much power over the labour party, in voting in a new leader or propping them up financially, the unions are more keen than ever to pull the strings of their puppet.

Let's face it, without the unions, now increasingly communist by nature and leadership, the labour party would have been buried long ago, where they deserve to be. For they have never done anything worthwhile for the UK, nor the world, parasites that they are, they preach about the poor, then make their lot all the worse when they are in power.

While the labour party are an unsavoury lot in government, at least the rest of the time they do occasionally resort to serving their constituents, but generally this is by a reactive response to object to anything that improves the lot of anybody.

The history of the unions is not all one of glory and credibility. They lost that during the last war, and have never grown up into any sort of post-war role of any credence. Certainly from the 1960's onwards, they showed their evil side. The many strikes of that period are a sad page in history, but worse, they forced the Wilson/Callaghan (labour) government to do their bidding at the risk of further disruption. They never lost that taste for real power, and ever since have played behind the scenes to put their men into safe constituent seats, while pulling the strings of their puppets for financial support from the taxpayers.

In playing the country for idiots the unions prospered, on the outside they were seen to be doing a respectable job, but all the time they were plotting and obtained much needed support from the old USSR. They are now considered to have been their pawns then, but given the extent to which the union leadership is truly communist now, it is doubtful if they ever gave up their links to the communist leaders of other counties mired in soul destroying communism.

During the 1960's and and 1970's there was a thing called secondary picketing, where the unions would bus in thugs from other areas to rough up and intimidate those trying to get into factories to work, where the unions had declared a strike. The tradition of those thugs lingers on.

Considering that the recently defeated labour government got just about everything wrong financially, from PFI, to ruined pension prospects, to spending on their false promises and racking up huge national debts, it is a wonder that any labour MP has the nerve to even question the attempts by the coalition to put things right. Yet, in their own hysterical way, they not only question, they denigrate and spin the truth as far as they can. If this does not show them up as traitors to this country then what will?

Now we see history catching up with us as the methods used in the past by unions to get their way, are used yet again, with awful effect.

The unions nor red Ed should be allowed to get away with the chaos caused over the weekend. They are as responsible for it as the thugs that caused it. Yes, it was a TUC march. The labour leader promoted it and was a part of it – he gave a prominent speech of support. Perhaps he wasn't involved in the planning for the anarchists, but if he didn't know something was going to happen, then I'm a Spaceman.

It is time for the people of this country to realise the truth. The lies that the unions and labour spread are just that, evil and against us all.

I just wish the decent people that uphold the law could see this plainly, for both the unions and the labour leader deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for active encouragement of and involvement in the riots of the weekend.


Thursday, December 9

The most Evil Empire Strikes Back...

The USA has closed down the WIKI-Leak site and is using its muscle to ensure no funds reach those that publish the incredible revelations from the so called “Diplomatic cables”.

Few things make the blood boil so much as a corrupt and self serving political elite using their power to bully others and enforce their aberrated views on the world. The USA has now sunk to a low rarely seen.

“The Wiki-Leaks site has vanished — though more than 1,400 mirror sites still carry the disclosures. Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and the organisation’s Swiss bank have shut them down, either on their own initiative or after a threat from the US government or its poodles in London and Geneva. Julian Assange is in a British jail cell, facing a hearing on trumped-up Swedish allegations zealously posted by Interpol”


The justifications given by the USA do not add up, given that all is being revealed is what a low estimation they have of other poitical leaders and countries. This should, by itself, make the world wake up to what a political mess the coutry is. They simply cannot cope with being seen in a bad light. This brief glimpse of honesty from them is too much for them to confront.
The anger is misplaced, for it demonstrates more clearly than anything else that we haven't heard all of it yet. There is much worse sitting in the cupboard.

God only knows what political filth sits hidden away from our eyes, but it is so bad that they would condemn their own people for viewing WIKI-LEAKS, and would make sure that nobody ever tried to expose them again. They will ensure that the founder of Wiki-Leaks is put away for a long time – justice is the last thing on their minds....

Oh, and the American Constitution – Screw that!

Thursday, October 21

Time to make big cuts to the media

Just what is wrong with the media of this country – You would imagine they had a fixed agenda to ram the governments cuts all the way down our throats.
Informing us all about these cuts is one thing, but both TV and newspapers go well beyond this. All the time they tell us how bad it will be, how we can expect terrible things to happen with people losing jobs and nobody to look after the elderly.
If I didn't know better I'd say they were all putting a perverse view deliberately to stoke up problems for the future. Well, they certainly are not helping the government!

Rather than put the left wing view constantly, it would be rather nice if they could provide a bigger view on all of this. We all know we have a broken economy, thanks to labours incompetence, but why do they have to keep bleating about it? They appear to be deliberately putting the worse possible face on everything, and you have to ask why.

On the BBC's culture program, I heard one lone voice with optimisim, despite the oncoming problems, that perhaps we will all be stronger because of our coming shared purpose. He was talking about difficulties to come in the art world, but he put it in a positive perspective, that perhaps things would work out OK.

The media should not be frightening people, making us all worry worse than we already are. They should be filling people with the purpose of sharing this problem, seeing it through as we used to see other great national problems through.
We at least have an honest government, something we missed sorely from 1997 to 2010. So why does the media take the approach that they do. They are clearly lacking moral fibre like the left wing government they supported, for if they cared for their country they would be supporting the government in a positive way, not stabbing it in the back.

While it is common knowledge that much of our media is socialist by nature, do they have to be so blatent about always attacking the Tories when they are trying to clear up the mess left by labour. If any cuts should be made, now here would be a target very worthy.

Sunday, December 6

The Gloating French, and the latest EU Stitch Up

No doubt the French are feeling very proud of their president, after the battles won over the treaty, and now the allocation of a prized commission portfolio. They see how their political elite show up the British as rank amateurs. Once again, through cunning and sleazy back room deals, the French come out on top, demonstrating their EU state craft while the British labour government fumble and prove themselves totally incapable of playing the game to win.
The machinations of the French are something to behold.

After all, the British are still paying off their debt for being allowed to join the club, and it will be the French that decide when that debt is paid.

Now the French will have command of the City of London - the financial cow that has sustained the UK for so many years, but something the French have always envied, and no doubt now, they will contrive to ensure that much more business goes to Paris, while London collapses.

That Brown is an absolute ignoramus when it comes to dealing with the politics of the EU, is really beyond the point. He was manipulated at every turn, and even Mandy didn't see this coming. The EU is supposed to be a club of equals, but again and again, the French prove that they are more equal than anybody else, especially when it comes to winning the things that count.
Strangely Britain still has the odd idea that we should trust the integrity of our fellow EU members, and are constantly reminded to become better Europeans, while all the time they connive to stab us in the back.

First we have Barasso working on Blair with the hint of the presidents job, if only he will do something substantial about the British rebate. That was a long piece of string, but the French and the commission knew how to keep pulling it, which of course made for a compliant Brown.
Yet Blair was never going to get that job, for he just might have opened up the discussion on where the EU was going, and they couldn't have that. No, they had to keep the labour government sweet, while working behind the scenes to make sure that their real candidate for the presidents job, who had true federal credentials would walk into the job. For federalism read socialism.

All that Britain got was some unknown, never elected, woman as deputy to this Belgian. The alleged second most powerful position in the EU and she never put herself forward as a candidate, nor did Brown - she was proposed by Barasso. Good God, the woman can barely spell "foreign", never mind knowing anything about where most countries are. She is an utter disaster, and will not help the British cause at all.

It is time to realize that Britain has been stitched up YET AGAIN by the EU, and this time we should take steps to rectify our situation - Oh, sorry, I forgot we have that DUMMKOPF in number 10 still!

This is not just about finances - it is about our way of life. From being a relatively free country where we were meant to be responsible for our own destiny, we are being turned into a nanny socialist state full of compliant yes mean who will not question what we are told to do. After all, the state looks after us - they know best.
Yes, OK, WE can put a lot of this reverse progress on the sloping shoulders of Brown and Blair, but with the EU federalists it will become much much worse.

The French financial and socialist model will be imposed on us here in the UK. They are not content to let us be, their envy and hatred of all thing British has come to the boil, and now we will suffer for our innocence, as we are made to hold each other down while they drive stakes through our hearts. They will not rest until we are subdued, helpless, and totally federal.

For these reasons, I hereby declare Open Season on the French political classes and all thing French, for being: such Gloating, Calculating, Scheming hugger-mugger clandestine conniving leeches, parasites and Bloodsucking spongers. To remind ourselves of some the French qualities, we have come to expect, I give you:

"It is important to remember that the French have always been there when they
needed us."

"The AP and UPI reported that the French Government announced after the London bombings that it has raised its terror alert level from Run to Hide. The only two higher levels in France are Surrender and Collaborate.
The rise in the alert level was precipitated by a recent fire which destroyed France's white flag factory, effectively disabling their military capability. "

"AP), Paris, March 5, 2003
The French Government announced today that it is imposing a ban on the use of fireworks at Euro Disney.
The decision comes the day after a nightly fireworks display at the park, located just 30 miles outside of Paris, caused the soldiers at a nearby French Army garrison to surrender to a group of Czech tourists.

"Q: What'd you call a French fighter jet coming to the aide of his American
and British allies in the Iraqi desert?
A: A mirage. "

" World War I - Tired and on the way to losing, France is saved by the United States. Thousands of French women find out what it's like to not only sleep with a winner, but one who doesn't call her "Fraulein." Sadly, widespread use of condoms by American forces forestalls any improvement in the French bloodline."

Do a google search on "French military victories" and watch it come back with

Did you mean: french military defeats.

It really is time to leave this debased expensive club, or it will turn us all into bloodsucking socialists.

Tuesday, November 10

Traitors to Britain: - The Communist labour party - The communist led T&G Union

New evidence has just come to light that shows the labour party in a way that should disgust all honest British people. It wasn't just that they propitiated to communist Russia - it was also the way they benefited from their sponsorship.
In the pages of the Kremlin’s secret diary, Pavel Stroilov discovers what Labour’s Soviet sympathisers said when they thought no one was listening.
All of this from a very reputable source in the Soviet hierarchy - Anatoly Chernyaev.

On the whole, however, the communist infiltration of the T&G is hardly a joking matter: its influence in the Labour party was substantial. The decision to give Gordon Brown his first and only safe seat, Dunfermline East, was made by two T&G officials: Hugh Wyper, the regional boss and a Communist Party member, and Alec Kitson. This is not exceptional.
Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair, Margaret Beckett, Harriet Harman, John Reid — to name just a few — were all T&G people who made their Labour party careers thanks to the union’s backing. And at that time, of course, T&G political backing was within the gift of Alec Kitson. Chernyaev only saw part of the story however. Other documents, still secret, show Labour’s Soviet relationships ran still deeper.

More dirt on how labour plotted against Britain; Here

Many people had suspicions that labour and the unions were in league with Russia, this finally shows the level of betrayal and dishonesty perpetrated by these criminals - there is no other way to describe them.

No wonder these criminals have turned our country into a decrepit, financially bankrupt version of the old USSR.... and no wonder they are so keen to tie us into the EU, for neither they nor the EU believe in democracy.

Transport and General Workers' Union leader Jack Jones - who received effusive praise from Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he died in April this year - was a paid agent for the USSR....but there again who was paying brown?

It just gets worse - the more we hear about the labour party, the more disgusting revelations just keep coming out.......... what I'd like to know is why the media and the BBC in particular are not screaming about this latest news - or are they full of Communist lovers as well!

Thank you to all filthy communists for dragging a once great country down to your sick level.

Saturday, November 7

At last the heat is rising on UK membership of the EU - at last!

The reaction to Camerons suggestions that all is not well with the EU and there might be some things that the UK would like to change has sent ripples through the Soviet style EU structure that dictates what we should be thinking.

As the TPA so brilliantly point out;

"The EU operates on the basis of compromise of absolutes, a gradualism which by definition is a slow victory each time for one side and a slow defeat for the other. Since the compromise between handing over sovereignty and not handing over sovereignty is to always hand over part of your sovereignty, the only victory ministers can ever claim is to have delayed to a constant trickle the surrender of the whole."

So, the EU superstate can only gain, or so they think, yet it is time the whole thing was given a massive shake up - for too long we have meekly been following the socialist agenda set by a culture that is in many ways alien to the British way of thinking.

It is an odd thing but even that well known organ of Russian supremacy Pravda has an article that likens the EU to the old USSR, and with some detailed analysis of the Lisbon treaty that is both interesting and conclusive.

Twenty Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU is a Reincarnation of the Former Soviet Union

"The first impression one gets while reading through Chapter III of the Lisbon Treaty (the so-called reader-friendly text), is a rather favourable one. This so-called Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union “ places the individual at the heart of its activities.
....then there is, of course, freedom of expression. Article 11 establishes this unequivocally.

Yet on at least two issues, EU citizens do not enjoy this freedom of speech. In a number of member states (Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, the Czech Republic) it is a criminal offence to publicly wonder whether six million Jews were killed by the Nazis during World War II. Even if you would believe that, say, no more than 4.5million Jews were exterminated, this could land you in jail for years.

Thus in the EU today, there is NO free speech. Nor will there be any when the Lisbon Treaty takes effect. The EU crackdown on “illegal” downloads, threatening anyone caught downloading copyrighted items more than three times with lifelong exclusion from internet access, can be interpreted as an indication that a major offensive against one of the few remaining vestiges of freedom is under way.

Similarities between the Lisbon Treaty and its communist predecessors are quite remarkable, for instance in the clauses on equality before the law.

Article 34 of the 1977 Soviet Constitution proclaimed full legal equality for all: “citizens of the USSR are equal before the law, without distinction of origin, social or property status, race or nationality, sex, education, language, attitude to religion, type and nature of occupation, domicile, or other status.”

...and just to remind you, in the former communist world of Europe, basic human rights such as these were formulated in the Soviet and East German constitutions, were violated on a daily basis.
Henckel von Donnersmarck's shocking movie “The Lives of Others” (2006) shows
this in a most penetrating way."

Cameron has shied away from an EU referendum, and that may be his undoing. It is also a terrible mistake. The subject of EU domination over UK citizens is on the boil, and to ignore it is akin to head in sand, but to take advantage of it, now that would be heroic.

Yet, where have all our heroes gone?

There can be no going back - Cameron has to seize the initiative and get the people behind him, win that all important general election and fully handle the EU, one way or another.
Otherwise he is just going to have to keep his mouth shut when UKIP eat into his support and the Conservatives fail to kick out labour.

We won't get another chance at this. It all has to happen now, and Cameron has to be in the driving seat....NOW!

The TPA have produced a roadmap - see their document: Hague’s Handbag: Conservative Party policy after the ratification of Lisbon - it makes amazing practical sense.

See page 12 for the roadmap - but also look at what they say about The Consequences of Failure, and some sound advice.

The Government should be prepared to pass items of legislation including the phrase “Notwithstanding the European Communities Act 1972” if negotiations are stalled, signalling a clear intent to unilaterally change the terms of the UK’s relationship with the EU if there is gridlock in Brussels.
Coupled with a massive fortnightly net contribution to the EU treasury, and an economy receiving significantly more from the EU in trade than it exports, the negotiating hand is strong.

It was a telling moment when Danial Hannan resigned his spokesperson post for the Tories in the European Parliament, following Camerons speech, and all of this has to be a wake up call:

David Cameron - it all rests on you - what is our destiny going to be?

For Goodness sake keep turning the heat up.

Sunday, October 25

Is there no end to the crimes that the labour government have commited against the British people

The short answer is the same as the long answer: No - there is no end to the list of crimes labour have committed against the British people.

The latest confirmation of labours hatred of the British people came about when Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, decided to spill the beans. He said;

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity."

Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote". Link

OK - so not just deception here - blair and his cronies deliberately set out to destroy the UK by:

  • flooding the UK with all possible class of immigrant;
  • damaging the relationship with state and Church by constantly denying the Church, while permitting the growth and support of any other foreign religion;
  • deliberately overcrowding these Islands, creating stress on infrastructure, including schools, hospitals and roads;
  • ensuring conflict between groups as a result of overcrowding and the establishment of ghettos;
  • reducing the incumbent population to second class citizens.

No wonder the BNP are doing so well, and if you ask me, I wouldn't be surprised if they were not a part of labours plans as well to stir up hatred and conflict.

Are there no depths to which this pathetic group of matchitehew politicians can sink? Somehow I suspect there are more skeletons in the cupboard.

Labour have almost achieved their aims - we are already a broken society - our education has been dumbed down so much that the level of literacy and intelligence is so low that the average person cannot now see through labour spin and lies, while the aspirations of a free society are too much to grasp.
The latest news from Italy - that basket case of national financial management, that it has overtaken the UK for income per capita, should really show where we are headed.
How soon before we really are at third world levels of debt and ignorance ....
Not long now, I fear.

Sunday, October 4

On the subject of the EU President

With a fair wind, blair, that con artist who used to be a British Prime Minster, will be officially EU President by Christmas. Now that the Irish treaty vote is in, in favour of the europhiles, it won't be long before blair gets the call to assume his new role as chief crook.

After all, he does deserve it. He took enormous risks in first, agreeing to reduce the UK rebate, and then resigning so that brown could take his turn as PM until the country get so sick of labour they will be buried for at least a decade. So, he probably feels he is now fully ready to take on this spectacular new role.

There are many that will say blair is not right for the job, but in this they are wrong. He will fit in so well with the cronies and crooks that make up the inner circle of the EU administration. His credentials in this matter are immaculate. He is a first rate liar, and his ability to spin a story are exceptional.
Interestingly, a global pettition has attracted some 30,000 plus signatures to stop blair in his tracks - but when did he or the EU elite ever listen to the voters? http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/stopblair.html

One can only hope that in his perverse way, blair will do something for democracy that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Perhaps he will make the EU so unpopular, that he is either assassinated by orders of the EU elite, or he causes so many fractures in the infrastructure of the socialistic EU base, that it just crumbles away. That last point may be too much to hope for completely, but anything blair can do to ruin the EU in any fashion will be most welcome, and after all he is a grand master at destruction - just look at the state of the UK.

Sunday, September 13

Trade Unions - still living in the past, and still the enemy within

Just what do the trade unions bring to the table in terms of sanity and aiding democracy today?

The short answer is NOTHING - the long answer is that they are dinosaurs who meddle in politics they do not understand and ride the labour movement for every bit of influence they can wield.
I'm not saying they are totally irresponsible, no, the main charge is that they have gone back to their old ways, and imagine they are better placed to run the country than any elected government. Well, OK, they may have a point when it comes to labour governments, but still they should not be doing it.

Just because the Unions keep labour afloat, financially, they believe this gives them the right to tell the government what to do. Again, with that financial support, you might expect they would want something in return, only now they are telling Gordon Brown that he has to take the country to the left politically or they will oust him.

Now I find that unacceptable for the following reasons:

  • Nobody should be in a position that they can formulate government policy, from outside;
  • The Unions are not the best people to determine the fate of the UK, for they certainly do not speak for the majority of people who would despise any more moves to the left, politically;
  • The Unions unfortunately have a history of being in love with communism, which has proven itself the most abhorrent form of governing regime this small planet has ever known, but this just illustrates their contempt for mankind;
  • Trade Unions have a history of irresponsibility and thug driven activities that make them the worst kind of influence on any government, never mind one led by a PM who already suffers depression and so often under the influence of "medicines". This irresponsibility is in their blood, and it's only the legislation introduced in the 80's that keep them in line.

An example of the insanity of the Unions is currently with us, in the shape of the Postal strike. It's not the fact that union is now led by a communist whose first act was to call a nonsensical strike, it's more that in doing so he is leading the Royal Mail into oblivion, but this is the insanity of unions that can only see as far as the next pay day.

The EU and this government must be laughing up their sleeves as our postmen start to lose popular support - something they've always enjoyed, but as everybody should know by now, it is the intention of EU led legislation to take away their monopoly and bring in foreign companies to deliver our mail.

Has our communist postal union leader not seen the writing on the wall, brother. For goodness sake the government has been doing its best to demonstrate that RMG has little future, removing as they have so many profitable sidelines that mean, for example, that post offices struggle to make a profit. This is all deliberate, and enforced by the European Union - surely he has seen that! Perhaps not, for communists are blinkered creatures that only see what they want to. They would rather blame the Royal Mail Group, than admit that Brown and the EU were in collusion to wipe out our postal services; and of course most union leaders support the EU, so perhaps they are doing their bidding all the time. It would not surprise anybody.

Saturday, June 20

What's really happening here?

The saga over the Lisbon treaty goes on - Brown keeps his head down to avoid flack while the party machine seeks to distract our bored minds from any other question of Parliamentary indiscretions ..... but what's really happening here?

Brown has never passed the test of a general election as PM - of course he wouldn't dare, he's too hungry for power to give it up that easily. Yet we have two Lords, now in the government who are there for one reason only, who also have never faced election yet have huge ministerial powers.

Let's take a closer look at why this government is still standing. By all rights the recent events should have forced a government to go to the country, but apart from Browns incapacity as regards moral values, we have to look at how his government is being propped up, and why, for all is not as it seems.

If the labour government were to fall before September, it would have given the EU elite a major headache - simply because Cameron has promised a referendum if Ireland have not accepted the Lisbon treaty by the time he becomes Prime Minister.
Should this happen - the whole subject and path of the EU will be thrown up into the air, and the elite are worried they will lose the control they currently exercise and their cosy little club will be changed forever...... Well, One can hope!

The propping up. Yes, Mrs Kinnock is a last minute Europhile to stand at Browns side, after some persuasion from the rest of the EU elite. She was coming to the end of her gravy train ride in Brussels anyway, so they could afford to lose her early in a good cause.... even if her move and resignation were bungled.
Our beloved Mandy was already in place to tease Brown and attempt to calm the fires that were being lit in every quarter.

The Brown government is running on borrowed time... or should that be elasticated time. We have the EU to thank for prolonging the life of the most despicable British government - ever!

The manipulation goes on. This one is fairly easy to spot, but one wonders how many times in the past has our destiny been confused and altered by the interfering elite of Brussels who only know one path - their path.

OK - That is the situation. The question is are we all going to sleep walk through another castration of British life, again to stand by and watch as the manipulators of Brussels demonstrate quite clearly their contempt for democracy and the nation state.

What can we do with so little evidence, the unseen ask. Well the issues over MP expenses may give a clue. The situation gets raised and raised again until we draw blood - then the media go for the throat!